Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We are the RAKYAT lah ~~

Okie Okie, line aren't good in my home town, and I can't spent much time in front the PC. Mum always scold if spending too much time with the PC.

Before going to Kelantan part 2 ( the last part ), today I want to share a song with you all, this is not a new song and not really an old song. @.@ erm heard it for a month already I think.

But I still share it because I think as a Malaysia we need to support it.
This is a English song. Erm with some Bahasa Malaysia and some Mandarin and some Tamil in it during the rap part.

Heres is the video from youtube.

If you are a Malaysian, please do support it ~~~!!!!
click the links "Malaysian artistes for unity" in my blog.

or here !!!

Shout it loud where ever you are !!

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